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A man with a broken leg using crutches.

Uncertainty drives record numbers to take out income protection. Here’s what you need to know

Figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) suggest a record number of families are taking out income protection to create a safety net. Read on to find out how income protection…
A man using a laptop.

3 practical ways you could reduce your tax bill in retirement

The number of retirees who could face an Income Tax bill is expected to rise. If your total income could exceed tax thresholds, there might be some steps you can take to…
An estate agent showing a couple a property.

Here’s how rising interest rates have affected the property market

Rising interest rates have been big news over the last couple of years, with many mortgage holders seeing their outgoings increase. It’s not just individual families that have been affected, it’s having…
A man using a laptop in a home office.

How to prepare for remortgaging your buy-to-let property

Remortgaging your buy-to-let property could save you money or provide you with a way to access equity. Taking some time to prepare before you apply to a lender may lead to you…
Two people walking along the coast in Port Isaac, Cornwall

5 breathtaking coastal walks you can take this summer in the UK

The UK boasts some of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Trails across the country can take you through sleepy fishing villages, tumbling clifftops, and unique natural formations that are the…
A man voting using a ballot box.

Investment market update: May 2024

On the back of data showing some countries have exited recessions at the end of the first quarter of 2024 and inflation falling, several market indexes reached record highs in May. Read…
A man working on a laptop.

How to calculate what’s “enough” when selling your business

If you’re a business owner, selling your business might be a key part of your long-term finances. You may plan to use the sale proceeds to retire, provide greater financial freedom, or…
A doctor looking at the results of an MRI scan.

The essentials you need to know about critical illness cover

If you face a serious illness, it could place pressure on your finances and mean you’re not able to focus on what’s most important – your health. Yet, research suggests many families…
A doctor looking at the results of an MRI scan.

Affordability challenges lead to 1 in 5 first-time buyers stretching their mortgage term

Faced with affordability challenges, more first-time buyers are choosing to repay their mortgages over a longer period. While it’s an option that might help you manage your outgoings in the short term,…
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Seeing more of the world makes up many people’s bucket lists. Whether you want to be left in awe of natural sights, immerse yourself in a different culture, or see a historic…

Financial wellbeing: 6 ways to help you make better financial decisions

Humans are hard-wired to make poor financial decisions. It’s just in our DNA. Financial wellbeing is a broad topic, covering all aspects of the relationship between money and our long-term happiness. It…
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The 2021 Budget

The 2021 Budget is now public and we wanted to inform you about how these changes affect you. The Chancellor has announced tax pledges amounting to £21 billion over the next five…

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