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Independent Financial Advisor

There may be times in life when you need advice on what’s best to do with your money for your financial future. If you feel you might need advice on your finances, then an independent financial advisor can help. 

Suttons IFA we are an independent financial advisor authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We believe in brighter futures – in making our clients’ finances clearer and their lives easier. We have a team of financial advisors that can help you make better informed decisions about what to do with your finances.

Independent financial advisor services

There are lots of benefits of seeking advice from an independent financial advisor like Suttons. Our services include offering you:

  • A solid financial plan for your retirement 
  • Advice on how to invest or save your money
  • Expert guidance on managing a lump sum of money 
  • Help with buying a property or taking out a mortgage 
  • Direction on planning for inheritance tax 

We help to organise any of the above in the best way possible, ensuring you have financial security and growth. One of our biggest passions is talking in plain jargon-free English and helping people organise the different areas of their finances properly.

About Suttons IFA

Suttons IFA is a leading financial planning and wealth management firm, we offer a range of services including savings, retirement planning, mortgage advice, insurance and tax planning. We work with you to make sure that your finances are set up correctly giving you peace of mind. We are there to help you make sensible financial planning decisions, whilst giving the highest standard of advice from an advisor you can trust. 

Our promise is to listen to you, and to understand your circumstances, so that we can provide you with the best advice. We love getting to know our clients in person, so that we can build strong relationships. Our independent financial advisor team is here all year round to listen to you, and to offer our quality advice.