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Suttons IFA is an independent financial advisor. Our philosophy is simple. We believe in brighter futures – in making our clients’ finances clearer and their lives easier. We believe in opening up the future to more possibilities.

We do this by putting our clients in control of their finances, helping them bring about what they want to happen. We support you and work with you to make sure your finances are set up correctly, allowing you to spend more time on what’s important. We are good at helping people make sensible financial planning decisions around pensions, savings, investments, mortgages and tax, organising these in the best way to bring greater financial security, wealth preservation and growth.


About Suttons IFA

In our experience we have found our clients really value having an IFA who provides personalised and thoughtful advice. That’s why our promise is to listen to you, to understand your circumstances and what matters most to you so we can provide advice that is tailored to your personal requirements.

The thing we love most about this job is seeing our clients in person, getting to know them and building strong relationships which also deliver the desired financial results.

We value being able to work with our clients on a very human level having a relationship where we can talk and advise in a professional capacity but in an approachable and friendly manner.

Our main commitments to you are to be an accessible and transparent IFA. As a Suttons client, our team is always available to talk to you throughout the year, to listen and to offer honest, helpful advice.

Investing money and planning your future can be an emotional process. We don’t just want to give you the facts about managing wealth and finances, but also be a source of support to guide you through everything. Our promise is to be a cool head to advise you when you feel worried, and to be a source of impartial reassurance to keep you on the right track.