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Pension Financial Advisor

One concern many of us have as we get older is whether or not you will have enough money to enjoy the lifestyle you want in retirement. A pension financial advisor can help you understand the often complicated world of pensions, assess your current situation and outline your projected course. The advisor will then put forward recommendations about how you can get on track to meet your retirement goals. 

UK state pension VS private pension

The UK State Pension is a regular payment made to you by the government once you reach the state pension age. It is based on your previous National Insurance contributions.

 A private pension is a scheme for you or your employer to save money for later in your life. There are two main types of private pension:

  • Defined contribution- a pension pot based on how much is paid in.
  • Defined benefit- usually a workplace pension based on your salary and how long you’ve worked for your employer. 

What is a pension financial advisor?

Planning your pension is important in helping your savings grow quicker but also in having a long-term savings plan with tax relief. A pension financial advisor can give you peace of mind knowing that your pension is invested properly and monitored by a financial expert. 

When planning your retirement income, you may need assistance with the following:

  • Planning your savings
  • Choosing how you want to review your retirement income
  • Delaying/ deferring your state pension payments
  • Choosing a person or stakeholder pension

Statistics show that over the course of a lifetime, on average, a person has 11 different jobs. This could mean a different pension scheme for each one. This can make it difficult to track where your retirement savings are. A pension advisor can recommend ways to better manage your pension pots to prevent you from losing any of these valuable benefits. 

What are the benefits of using a pension financial advisor?

At Suttons, you will receive your very own independent financial advisor who specialises in pension and retirement planning. There are a number of benefits of using a pension financial advisor such as:

  • Peace of mind
  • Investment strategy
  • Assistance choosing the right option based on your needs
  • Help you managing your income to try and avoid unnecessary tax bills and running out of money

Why work with Suttons IFA?

Suttons IFA are experts in financial planning, they can offer you specialist advice on your pension and retirement savings. With our help we can give you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to make ends meet but also enjoy the lifestyle you want when you retire.

Our commitment to you is to be accessible and transparent. As a Suttons client, our team will always be on hand throughout the year to discuss your finances and offer helpful advice. We understand that planning for the future can be an overwhelming and emotional process. That is we go beyond just giving you facts about finances, we also provide you with a source of support through it all. 

Contact us for pension advice

To learn more about our pension financial advisors and the pension and retirement service we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our highly qualified and experienced financial advisors would be delighted to hear from you, call us on 0161 969 1703 or fill out the form to arrange an appointment.