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Do you want expert advice on your investments? Or perhaps you want to start investing for the first time but aren’t sure where to start. Our investment advice service is designed for those who wish to manage their own wealth but want advice and guidance from a professional with industry knowledge. Whether you’re seeking guidance on your savings and investments, or you’re starting to think about pensions, our investment advisors are here to help.

The Importance of Investments and Investment Advice 

Investments are key to protect the value of your savings against inflation and deliver the returns you may need or want to have. Our investment management service is designed to deliver the highest returns for your chosen level of risk and reward. This means we can help you put in place sensible investments you are comfortable with, reduce excessive management fees, and grow your wealth.

How We Can Help You With Investment Advice

In short, we can help with investments, pension planning and retirement income, and wider financial planning for individuals, families, and businesses. Our investment advisory service is unique because we also provide: 

Dedicated investment advisors 

You’ll work with one investment advisor who will advise on and help you manage your investments. They will directly contact you if there is anything you need to talk about such as changes to the economy or the latest investment news that might affect your investments.

Specialised investment advice 

We realise that some financial needs are more complex than others which means we treat each client on a case by case basis. Your investment advisor will work with you to find out about your overall objectives, current knowledge of investing, and thoughts on risk and reward. Once they have this information, they will recommend a portfolio to meet your specific needs. 

Why Choose Us For Investment Advice 

As a fully independent firm, we put our clients above anything else. Our main goal is to provide clarity and support to clients in the journey to achieving financial freedom. 

See what our clients say about us 

“Ben helped me with the advice I needed on investments. He also helped me review all of my pensions, locating a lost pension policy in the process and identified these were under performing significantly compared to the best available in the market. He helped bring these under one roof in a single SIPP and since then the growth of my SIPP and ISA have been excellent. In our most recent reviews Ben has been advising me on how to prepare ahead of time for retirement, the things I need to be thinking about and how much income my investments will provide. This has provided a great deal of assurance.”

Contact one of our advisers today via our contact form or by calling 0161 969 1703 for details on how we manage our clients investments and information on the various investment portfolios we recommend. We would love to hear from you!