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An experienced commercial mortgage broker is essential when navigating a complex market that has many commercial lenders. A qualified mortgage broker can offer you expert advice and direction which will be essential in saving you time when trying to purchase or refinance your commercial property. 

Why is a Commercial Mortgage Broker Important?

Purchasing or re-mortgaging a commercial property can be a difficult time. There are a number of factors to take into consideration including products, valuations and legal costs – this is just to name a few. A commercial property is often much higher in value than a residential property. And, because of the differences in premises and land, commercial properties tend not to be set products in the same way that residential properties are. 

Benefits of a Commercial Mortgage Broker 

There are many benefits to using a commercial mortgage broker. These benefits include: access to more products and better deals, expert financial advice, and help with paper complex work. Here are some other benefits of using our commercial mortgage advisor services:

Saving time 

Researching the mortgage market can be very time consuming, especially when you don’t know it well. If you use a commercial mortgage broker, you’ll be getting advice from someone who already knows the market and will spend their time looking for the right deal.

Money saving

Many people think that they could save money by going directly to the bank, however, the broker is likely to secure a better deal for you which could be more financially beneficial. A good commercial broker will also take your individual needs into account, which means you’ll get the best deal for you. 

Who We Offer Commercial Mortgages To

  • We support individuals and business owners with complex income scenarios who are looking to upsize, downsize and remortgage.
  • We support property landlords of all sizes.
  • We help clients with complex earnings both overseas and in the UK to buy a home.

Suttons Testimonials

“My girlfriend owned a flat and I a house, we were looking to move in together in a new place and to sell or rent one or both of them. Ben listened to our situation and laid out different scenarios of what we could afford if we sold both, rented one or both. He showed us the taxes that make it pointless to rent in our case. He then helped us to refine our budget until we know exactly what we can afford and how much we’ll have left over. He also arranged a decision in principle for us. We completely understood our financial position and the ability to put an offer in on the house we want. On top of this Ben is a lovely bloke, he’s funny and easy to chat to and he works really hard to ensure you get the right outcome. I’d recommend him to anyone needing advice”

 Tom & Kate – buying a property together whilst retaining their existing homes

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Our Commercial Mortgage Brokers Can Help

We are a leading financial planning and wealth management firm with a wide range of experience, with over 25 years experience dealing with mortgages, who always aim to put their clients first. We are an independently owned firm specialising in the provision of face-to-face financial advice to individuals, their families, business owners and trustees across the country. We are “Top Rated” via Vouchedfor, an independent feedback platform and are one of two companies in the UK to achieve a 5-star rating and have been featured in the national news. 

Our team of independent financial advisors provide an expert, commercial mortgage broker service and are committed to providing the highest standard of advice to everyone we work with. Get in touch with one of our advisors today to arrange a free no-obligation discussion. This can either be done face-to-face or over the phone. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you.