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Mortgage rates today can be quite confusing, especially if your circumstances are unique, like buying overseas or buying and selling different commercial properties. The process can be long and the paperwork complicated. Often it’s beneficial to seek help for a mortgage advisor who knows the landscape well and can advise accordingly.

Types Of Mortgage Rates Today 

There are two main types of mortgage rates, these are fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages. A fixed rate means the interest rate will likely stay the same for a set number of years and a variable rate means that the interest rate could change. Whether you should decide to get a fixed or variable-rate mortgage will depend on your situation. You will need to think carefully about whether:

  • You think your income will change
  • You want to know the exact amount you’ll be paying each month
  • You could manage financially if your monthly payments went up.

Understanding Mortgage Rates Today

Part of our work is to provide specialist advice and support on market conditions including the impact that rises and reductions in interest rates can have on you. There are many types of mortgages available in today’s market and knowing which one you need to apply for is essential if you want to get the right deal for you. 

Most types of mortgages work in a similar way, but areas like interest rates, repayment methods, and mortgage fees can be different between products. Looking for a mortgage isn’t simply about finding the cheapest deal, it’s about finding a mortgage at the right price to match your unique financial situation and future outlook. A mortgage advisor can enable you to find the right mortgage for you and establish the pros and cons of each deal.

What Do We Do?

As an expert whole of market advisory service, we provide specialist advice to clients looking to purchase or remortgage residential, buy to let and commercial property. This enables us to take all of the stresses and strains away from clients through the house buying and remortgage process.

Who Do We Help With Mortgage Rates Today?

We support individuals and couples looking to purchase their first home, to remortgage an existing property and to both upsize and downsize. We also support property landlords of all sizes. Looking for mortgages overseas or with complex earnings like self-employment can also be challenging, therefore we provide specialist advice for these circumstances.

Choosing Suttons To Help With Mortgage Rates

We are a fully independent firm of advisers who put you, our clients first. As the top-rated advisory firm in Sale with over 25 years’ experience dealing with mortgages we are best placed to find the best mortgage for you. As well as this, we are “Top Rated” via Vouchedfor, an independent feedback platform and are one of two companies in the UK to achieve a 5-star rating.

What Our Clients Say About Our Mortgage Advice

I was purchasing a property and also remortgaging another. He helped me drastically, his work ethic and professionalism is beyond amazing. He managed to help me finish an auction property with a short space of time.

Younus – purchase and remortgage 

Learn More About Mortgage Rates Today With Us

The current market conditions can be unnerving, but  taking the time to speak with an industry professional at Suttons who can give you an insight into the market trends and we can recommend the best deal for you. If you would like help navigating the mortgage market today then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.